Little Modern 373 cc Race Bike for Track Racing

KTM’s RC 390 2021 is getting race ready technologically!

Ladies and Gentlemen, KTM’S RC 390 2021 the insane track focused motorcycle has been got updates over many things.

KTM knows their customers very well and they are about to launch this particular redesigned model of RC 390 in 2021. This Motorbike looks more modern and has too many curves on the front fairing, Design looks sleek and might be getting down on weight. Lets Understand few changes in the motorcycle as far as predecessor model is concerned. Let us consider few aspects of RC 390 2021.

Technological Aspect –

The RC 390 2021 gets TFT Display just like 390 Duke 2020 Model. It might get features like Traction Control, Cornering ABS and Slipper Clutch as usual. Ride by Wire will be the finest touch to the motorcycle so the acceleration goes and will create an Impact in Performance like 0-60 and 0-100. Obviously, Just like the 390 Duke, Headlight part of motorcycle will be running through a software which will update the lights and tft display.

Engine Aspect –

This Track focused master will churn out 44 horses followed by 37 torque. It will be BS6 compliant engine and will create rich riding experience on the track as well as on highway. Features will provide much delighting experience to ride this motor. Reliability, Functioning, Use of New Components to make motorbike more fun but safer as well.

Design Aspect –

Looks! Insane. The new Rc 390 2021 represents modern race bike! When the old RC 390 took the track it had that significant impact for anyone who is just looking at the motorbike. I personally feel the old RC had a brutal look. This Moto-2 racing riding ergonomics looks so just fabulous to tuck in and brap in the race track. The New Avatar looks so good that it will turn eyes and the perception of Individuals regarding this motorcycle because this modern update will get different graphics all together.

The tail light part of Motorcycle is not yet changed or maybe there will be some different unit in production. That time will bring the answer by KTM motorcycles. Once they launch it.

Pricing in India might be around – 3.00 lacs ex showroom.

As a result which is upcoming for the Newer Generations lets see what KTM Rc 390 2021 model has to offer!


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