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So, Why we wear helmets? because its is really important for the rider to save his head first, reason being the impact which comes at 100 kmph or even 60 kmph for that matter is really atrocious for the rider. This helmet of revolt is really great as far as safety is a concern. If the rider is really worried about himself or herself then they will prefer reliable helmets and revolt is one of them. I personally have this helmet and i can say that it is the perfect choice.


Well, Revolt is great at researching and developing helmets which are so much comparable to HJC, MT, Arai too. This Revolt Helmet Turismo has great safety standards due to its component used for fiber is so tough that it will save you but the thing is you have to tuck in the strap because if you don’t then you are not safe. Revolt Turismo comes up with 170 degree wide view which helps the rider to be aware of his or her surroundings also it gets Internal Sunshield which helps the rider to tackle the strong heat. It also gets UV400 visor which helps in scratch resisting. Material used for this one is multi quality high density EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Foam).


As i have owned this one and i can say that it is really comfortable. Initially, as the helmet is new it creates pain as it is getting used to the skull structure of the rider and the moment the breaking period is over it gets better and better. If you are riding at high speed of around 120 kmph it stays silent inside also gives you the glances of the road but comfort level of this is superior.


No doubt, Design of this one is so perfect that it helps the rider to be aerodynamically stable and this one is made by machines obviously but the structure is given by human hands which is something creative and creates a pinch to get this one. There is 1 input at the chin part of this helmet and 2 outputs at the back of the helmet which keeps the rider to breath easily even on the upper part there are 2 inputs which helps you keep your head hydrated.


Revolt Turismo – 6500 Indian Rupees.


Strapping part should be easily functional as it gets 2 straps so it is little difficult to add the strap to the buckle.

Measurement Scale for Rider

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